21 Day Nutrition and Fitness Challenge

I am looking for 10 women to Coach this month. For the same cost that you would pay for 2-3 personal training sessions you will get from me: .. 1. ...

7 Day Clean Eating Challenge

If you are really interested in starting a healthier lifestyle habit then you will love this 7 day CLEAN EATING shakeology challenge kit that I am providing! I personally have ...

Become A Fitness Coach

  Become A Coach! What is a Coach? Someone who is working on their own fitness goals, helping others & earning an income doing so while loving the people on their ...


The Top 10 Reasons To Join My Team

True life changing results and new outlook on life are right at ...

I am Looking For ONE WOMAN

I’m looking for ONE WOMAN who wants to make 2016 her BEST ...

How Beachbody Coaching Changed my life-Earning Six Figures as a Coach

*****Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from ...

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When I first signed up as a Beachbody coach back in 2011, I had that feeling in my gut that I was meant for this. This was the ANSWER to all of my PRIORITIES and living a life by design even though others told me what I wanted wasn’t life, that I just had to […]

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PROTEIN CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFIN Recipe!!! I call them Kristi’s YUMMY can eat anytime and not feel guilty muffin!!  I might be sick and have a cold/flu/bronchitis who knows…. But I’m still eating to FUEL my body for health and for my GOALS!! I haven’t been able to workout. No energy, achy, fatigued, hacking up a […]

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From $70 in income my first month as a BEACHBODY coach to $8000 in ONE WEEK

4 YEARS ago I remember telling Paul I am going to FIRE MY BOSS and talking non stop about this coaching thing…. he had no idea what I was talking about. He didn’t understand why I was SPENDING the evenings after work and working out building this crazy coach business, but he supported me because […]

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Coaching vs. Personal Training vs. College Degree

THIS is another one of those RANTS…… it’s a doozy! I spent $699 so that I can start studying and take a personal training certification exam and get certified as a trainer…… and I spent another $225 for an Insanity Certification…… WHY am I sharing this? Well I hear all the time that a business […]

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Super Star Diamond Beachbody Coach

5 years ago I had this GOAL. I wanted to be a SUPER STAR Diamond coach (the top rank in all of Beachbody). I didn’t know what that meant, truly or what it entailed, but why not shoot for the top. I didn’t know how many people I would need to help. I didn’t know […]

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Cookie Dough!!!

🍪 Seriously who doesn’t love Cookie dough? 🍪 Almond Butter Cookie Dough: 2 scoops Vanilla Shakeology (Order Here: http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/MDSUSH311G?referringRepId=375538) 3/4 C. Almond butter 1-2 TBS Vanilla Almond Milk 1 tsp Vanilla Extract However many chocolate chips you desire, but don’t get too crazy. 😜 Mix, roll into balls, eat or store in the fridge and grab […]

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No-Bake Shakeology Cookie Balls

Makes: 6 servings, 2 balls each 21 Day Fix Portion: 2 balls count as 1 yellow “treat” Ingredients: 1 Scoop of Shakeology  1 Cup of all natural peanut butter 1 Cup of uncooked old fashioned oats  2 Tsp honey Instructions: 1.       Dump it all in a big bowl 2.       Mix it up with your hands 3.       Roll into […]

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MASTER’S HAMMER & CHISEL – DAY #11 – HAMMER POWER Hammer Power – Details Trainer: Sagi Kalev Hammer Power Duration:About 40 Minutes! Hammer Power Goals: POWERLIFTING! This is heavy weights, using explosive moves, lots of overhead lifting. A heavy shoulder workout. Hammer Power Required Equipment: Weights, pull-up bar, bench or ball, resistance band Hammer Power Moves Some […]

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MASTER’S HAMMER & CHISEL – DAY #10 – CHISEL AGILITY Chisel Agility – Details Trainer: Autumn Calabrese Chisel Agility Duration:About 40 Minutes! Chisel Agility Goals: Develop elite speed, coordination, and power with moves inspired by athletic training. Chisel Agility Required Equipment: None! Chisel Agility Moves Some notes – No weights with this workout!! Just the moves, and 2 […]

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