21 Day Nutrition and Fitness Challenge

Looking for 10 women who want to lose 10 POUNDS in 21 days or tone up or learn to eat in proper portions or learn to eat like a bikini ...

7 Day Clean Eating Challenge

If you are really interested in starting a healthier lifestyle habit then you will love this 7 day CLEAN EATING shakeology challenge kit that I am providing! I personally have ...

Become A Fitness Coach

I am picky when it comes to WHO joins my team. WHY? The coaches on my team are: NOT sales people NOT pushy NOT in it for the money DO ...


The Top 10 Reasons To Join My Team

True life changing results and new outlook on life are right at ...

Get Your Free Shakeology Sample

Try Shakeology risk free by ordering your free samples today! I would ...

How Beachbody Coaching Changed my life-Earning Six Figures as a Coach

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Coaching vs. Personal Training vs. College Degree

THIS is another one of those RANTS…… it’s a doozy! I spent $699 so that I can start studying and take a personal training certification exam and get certified as a trainer…… and I spent another $225 for an Insanity Certification…… WHY am I sharing this? Well I hear all the time that a business […]

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FREE 5 Day Focus – Clean Eating Challenge! Are you in?

Join our FREE 5 Day clean eating challenge starting October 27th! To join, find me on facebook www.facebook.com/kristicurtisfitness and write ‘I’m In’ below the Clean Eating Challenge post and we will send you a quick nutrition survey and add you into a private nutrition group on Facebook. Nothing to buy (except groceries), just 5 days […]

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Days when you have doubt and keeping the faith!

I too, have days where I feel inadequate… that I doubt my ability as a leader… that maybe I am just a fraud… that maybe this will all fall apart and I will be back to being broke and depressed. Is that voice in my head REALLY ME? HECK NO!!! I got here because of […]

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Taking action and making changes!

Someone asked me recently what is the toughest part about your job…. HONESTLY, the toughest part about my job is hearing about peoples GOALS, but then watching them NOT take ACTION to go after them. Watching people use excuse after excuse and waste time STAYING the same….. if you want change in your life, you […]

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Day 10 of the 21 Day Fix – Quadzillas!!!

DAY 10 of the 21 Day Fix extreme is in the BOOK!!!! and I am waking up each day feeling LEANER!!!! I am seriously in complete awe of my progress. My legs are the toughest part and I really started to think it wasn’t possible for me to get RID of the layers of fat […]

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21 Day Challenge – Round 2 !!!

Can you give me 21 days?! 30 minutes a day? I’m looking for the next 15 ladies that are ready to go all in to change their health with me. I want those that really really want this and that don’t want to put themselves and their health on the back burner this fall. It’s […]

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