Don’t Give In To Quick Fixes… Put In The Work

It’s unreal over the last few years how many people have told me, “If I stuck with it, I’d be where you are right now”.

This is POWERFUL. The long way is the only way.

You might want things faster. You might be intrigued by the short term promises. And when you don’t get results fast enough, you become doubtful, fearful, skeptical… and go searching for those quick fixes that promise faster results. Unfortunately, I see this daily on social media. 

I see the promises flood my newsfeed. The, “I earned MORE in one month than I did in something previous”. When I see them I quickly unfollow. #TipOfTheDay The quick fix mentality used to intrigue me too and it kept me stuck. What those people don’t share with you is how many YEARS they put in to learning, taking action and mastery. They didn’t get rich, get six pack abs or lose weight/fat overnight and if they did its not duplicatable for the masses and it’s definitely not sustainable.

Unfortunately, 99% of those people will end up right where they started or even FARTHER behind where they would have been if they’d just kept on keeping on with the action needed to build long term, sustainable, results.

I see it in nutrition.
I see it in muscle gain.
I see it in fat loss.
I see it in online businesses.
I see this in network marketing.
I see this in society.

It is completely normal to want things faster. I always want things to happen faster. That is why I continue to show up and DO the work. It is normal to feel like others are succeeding while you are stuck. I felt that same way the first 3 years of my business. What you don’t see in the promised quick fixes is the weeks, months and years of sweat and hard work. The years of slow progress, doing the boring stuff, the unsexy stuff, but showing up anyways. #unsexyBreedsSuccess
Is it hard at first? HECK YES. Easy is earned. Passion is built.

But, that effort of the LONG WAY, creates trust, creates mastery. It brings more outcome with less effort later.

They say it takes 3-5 years to become successful and I completely agree. My booty and shoulders weren’t built overnight. Neither was my business. I earned $6,000 my first year in my online coaching business. I showed up every day after working my full time job. It was hard fitting it all in. It was hard to show up on days I didn’t feel like it. But it was hard and I didn’t stop. I didn’t give in to quick fixes. I put in the work….. and now it is easy.

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