Kristen Marshall


Momma’s you can feel AMAZING after baby!! Read Kristen’s story here with the 21 day fix postpartum.

“I knew after having baby #2 that I was going to need a fitness program that fit into my even busier life! I researched the 21 day fix program and committed to starting it as soon as I was medically cleared at 6 weeks post partum & have never looked back! I lost the rest of my baby weight (10lbs & 13 inches) and felt more toned all over. MOST important of all- I felt crazy energized, which is invaluable with a newborn and toddler at home! Now it’s not a matter of just 21 days, it’s become a healthy habit that I’ve been able to incorporate into my entire family’s life.”

Follow Kristens journey as a FIT MOMMA of 2 on her Facebook page here–>

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