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What a PHENOMENAL story and STRONG WOMAN!!!TransformationCharissaRivas

Moving to Phoenix, within 2 years I was getting divorced, helping my mom get into detox and treatment, I was told I had breast cancer and needed surgery & 7 weeks of radiation, all while starting and finishing a medical assisting program, keeping my head high and strong for my daughter. Whoa that is a lot!! A lot in a short time but it happened and passed, and I let that go. Not very long after my treatment was over, I found my love for hair again and joined on at an amazing salon of inspiring, strong, genuine very grateful!!! I love every day with them. I then reached out to my friend Tawnya Jean about the coaching opportunity she had with fitness and nutrition and helping others get fit. It took 6 months of stalking her;) but I through myself into it with her and never looked back! I started with the 21 day fix program workouts and shakeology, and got great results even after the first round. I loved how I felt drinking the shakes and working out that I kept pushing harder & doing even more. I tried PiYo and was obsessed with the results as well and decided to go get certified to teach it!! I never knew what using weights could do until I started using them in the at home workouts. I felt stronger, more alive, and just kinda bad ass!!! I knew in my soul that this coaching opportunity was a magical fit for me. I was already helping people with what to eat and encouraging friends to work out. It was a no brainier for me and something I am passionate about to my core!! I was given the opportunity to help others get fit through simply eating clean 80% of the time with workouts they could do. No crazy lame diet just a pure healthy lifestyle change. I myself feel happy, more confident, and in control of my health. I used to have to take meds for anxiety back in the day, no more. I haven’t been sick, (not even a cold) for almost 2 years. Haha knock on wood;) I’ll never be in control of some fucking cancer coming back but I’ll tell you one thing~ I’m in control of what I fuel my body with, how i treat it, and how I treat other people. I am so lucky & stoked to have already inspired and helped so many others to start or keep on their own health and fitness journey’s and have seen amazing results with their commitment to it. That makes me smile and feel inspired by them as well!! Its quite simple in my eyes. Eat real food, workout to feel great, and look amazing naked! Kick anxiety, insomnia, and mood swings with this lifestyle. Inspire others just like you.


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