Anais Maldonado

Anais, ROCKED her goals. She went from using EXCUSES to changing her life and DREAMING again, believing in herself again and accomplishing anything she sets her mind to…. You are INSPIRING, Anais!!

For years I alway struggled with my weight! And it wasn’t until about a year after I had my daughter that it pretty much snow balled. I struggled with yo-yo dieting. Actually trying to convince myself “I’m fat and haTransformationAnaisMaldonadoppy” yea that wasn’t happening. Finally in 2014 I made the decision to get back on track and be healthier. I tried doing it myself. My coach Samantha at the time was trying to get me on with TBB and I used every excuse you can think of. “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t have the extra money”, “I work too much”, “Imma single mama”. And it was all true but still excused nonetheless. I was a single mom working 4 jobs at one point. And struggling to shed the pounds even tho I was hitting up eye gym at least 4-5x/wk and “trying” to eat better! Finally in February of this year my coach Sam convinced me to sign up as a coach to not only recv the awesome discount on shakeo but to start with 21dfx. I’m here to tell u that every excuse ppl throw out there, I was that person!! And now I’m kicking myself in the a$$ wishing I woulda started sooner. 21dfx not only taught me the true mean of CLEAN EATING but I didn’t have to waste hrs at the gym on the treadmill/elliptical going NOWHERE 🙅🏻!! The pic posted below is 2 rounds of 21dfx extreme!! Becoming a TBB coach has been the BEST investment I’ve ever made! On top of that biz is booming and I made emerald in 4 mos along with being a single mommy, having a full time job and also doing photography on the side! It’s possible!! I’m proof!!!

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