New Coach Training 7 DAY FAST START part 3


Step 1: Power Hour To Do List **** See list written out below****

Step 2: Expanding Your Network (the 4th vital behavior)

Step 3: How To Invite Someone to Be A Coach (use Inviting Scripts)

Step 4: How To Invite Someone to Be A Challenger Review the 4 scripts and choose which is best for you or mix and match the scripts to fit you.

DAY 7: TRACKING your ACTIVITIES to ensure you are doing the VITAL TASKS to help your business grow

Step 5: Business Activity Tracker &  How to USE the BAT (business activity tracker) & GET STARTED NOW AS A NEW COACH Turn in to your sponsor coach or your success partner every Thursday. The BAT helps you to stay on track with the behaviors that move your business forward and ensure you aren’t doing time wasting activities. It also helps to see if you need to invite MORE people to reach your goals or if you are on track to reach your goals. Make sure to review the HOW TO video link in this step to understand how to use the BAT, find our team training calls and information and recap everything you learned in this training.

Step 6: How To Find Challengers and Coaches

Step 7:  DIVE IN!!! Start completing your business activity tracker and finishing everything on the tracker each day. This power hour zoom shows you how to add to your network, build relationships & invite in one hour a day: Tawnya screenshares with you exactly what to do and how she earns SC 10+ each month with one hour daily!



These things are things you can accomplish in 1 hour an is the MINIMUM you should be doing daily for your business if you want it to move forward. If you want to move forward FASTER double, triple, etc this list.

  1. Add new people to your network- contact list, facebook, instagram,, clubs, etc
  2. Return Messages (regarding the biz)
  3. 2-4 Shares per day (make sure before you end the day you ALWAYS talk to at least 2 people about the business, products, your challenge, shakeology etc)
  4. PRESENT THE BUSINESS to 3-5 people weekly at a minimum (remember the note above about double, tripling etc this list to achieve MORE results)
  5. INVITE INVITE INVITE: invite 2-5 ppl to your next challenge
  6. Follow up
  7. Track your progress-check in to the coach accountability page daily
  8. Post to fb 2-5 times a day (80% personal, 20% business)
  9. Add 2-4 new people to your fb page daily or to your contact list, make new friends
  10. Reach out to 5 people to connect with them. (IE: private message a friend on fb to see how they are doing)
  11. 10 minutes of personal development daily (National Coach Wake up Calls, compound effect, Go Pro, 15 Invaluable Law of Growth are all some of my favorites)


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