New Coach Training 3 DAY FAST START part 2

BEFORE You start as a coach it is important to understand WHY you are a coach. What do you want to accomplish? What need will it help you fulfill? Once you understand WHY and are deeply connected to that WHY you can push through anything.

Watch a little bit about my journey as a coach so you can see what is POSSIBLE and then believe that you can achieve anything. WHY NOT YOU?


Step 1: Smart Success- New Coach Getting Started Training

Step 2: 3 Vital Behaviors of being A Coach

ENGAGED COACHES ARE SUCCESSFUL COACHES. We are a TEAM. The more people you help, the more lives you change, the more success you will have as a Coach to reach your long term goals in this business! Remember our job is to help people achieve their goals to lead healthy and fulfilling lives!

With this being said—your Coach’s job is NOT to run your business for you. If you want to walk in this business I will walk with you. If you want to run in this business, I will run with you. If you want to sprint in this business, I will sprint with you. BUT I won’t chase you if you disappear. Success in this business is solely based on your engagement and participation.

Life happens to us all but it’s important to stay consistent with this support structure and not be on an island all by yourself. We want success for you but we can’t want it MORE than you. Same thing goes with weight loss and getting fit. YOU have to take ownership of your fitness and your NEW business. This opportunity IS INCREDIBLE and I can only hope you will see the light and push for the amazing life that was meant to be yours.

The Fundamental Behaviors of Coaches:

3 Vital Behaviors:­­­

  1. Be proof the products work ­­­>>>Workout and drink your Shakeology daily!
  2. Invite, invite, invite: We share ways to invite tomorrow.
  3. Personal development:
    This is super IMPORTANT and is what often gets left out of the equation. It’s kind of like the stretching in your exercise program…often we skip it because who has time for another 2-5 minutes? We’re busy, right?! 😉
    But seriously, this is what will get your mindset moving forward in the right direction. It will keep you encouraged and also help you to learn and grow into truly being an entrepreneur. If we’re not actively learning to better ourselves then we’re just taking up space!! If you want to help others, you must invest in yourself and this is part of that!

Here are a few examples of personal development you can do:
1. The National Wake Up call is a once weekly call put on by Corporate each monday morning. (you can find info on it in your Coach Online Office) But listening to the recordings of old calls is great PD. Here’s how to access them through both the computer, the phone and we even have a podcast! If you have a commute to work, or while you’re doing chores around the house these are perfect to put on and listen in!

Replays and Downloads:
Every Monday by 2pm PT (or Tuesday by 2pm following a Monday holiday), a recording of the National Wake Up Call is made available for replay or download. There are several ways to hear it again:
Download Replay: All Wake Up Calls are recorded for download. Go to the National #WAKEUPCALL Archive to download the Mp3.
Podcast: Go to iTunes > Team Beachbody Coach Podcast OR search “Team Beachbody Coach Podcast.”
Call Archive: Go to COO > News & Training > Events > Webinars/Conference Calls > Webinar/Conference Call Archive.
Playback via Phone: Call 1 (832) 225-5065 any time after the call for the playback.

2.  Books or Audiobooks:
We suggest that you start out by ordering either Compound effect or Go Pro (in paperback or on audible). These are both great books to start off your coaching career and dive into!
3. Weekly Team Calls on Each Page:
Look to each team page to find out what they do each week and when (also, ask your upline).

Now that you know the 3 Vital Behaviors, I want to take you on a tour of the Coach Online Office (or COO for short) —- Check it out and implement the action steps mentioned in the video.


Step 3: Success Club Rundown

Step 4: Success Starters- earning your FREE Summit Ticket

Step 5: Success Club Income and Goals


Step 6: How to earn Income (flash player is required so this won’t usually work on a cell phone or tablet unless special programs with flash player are on the cell phone or tablet)

Step 7: What is a Beachbody Challenge Group


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