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What is a Coach?

Someone who is working on their own fitness goals, helping others & earning an income doing so while loving the people on their team and beyond.  WHAT IS COACHING in depth- Learn More

I am picky when it comes to WHO joins my team. WHY?

The coaches on my team are:

NOT sales people

NOT pushy

NOT in it for the money

DO NOT push product

they are:

PEOPLE who have PASSION for helping others

PEOPLE who want to change this world and believe that they can have an impact by being the change

PEOPLE who want to lead by example

PEOPLE who are looking for a larger purpose in life and haven’t found it yet

PEOPLE who are healthy and fit or wanting to become healthy and fit and surround themselves with like minded people

PEOPLE who are tired of the rat race and working HARD for someone else

PEOPLE who are motivated and LOVE progress, not perfection

PEOPLE who have goals and dreams or would like to have GOALS and DREAMS again and an AVENUE to achieve them

I put TIME and EFFORT in to training the new coaches who join my team. I help them to learn what I have done to make my business in the fitness industry a six figure income in less than 2 years. The BEST part of being a COACH is our income is a direct reflection of the lives we touch, of the lives we change. To be a coach on my team you need to have heart, passion, motivation and confidence that you have a bigger purpose and that WHY you may not know how, you have bigger GOALS that you want to ACHIEVE. To be a coach you have to be able to put others goals ahead of your own. To have integrity, heart and desire to make the world a better place through health, fitness, support and motivation.


I am sharing this with you all because I want you to KNOW that it is POSSIBLE to achieve your goals & Dreams. I want you all to STOP just going through the motions and take a CHANCE on YOURSELF. YOU are WORTH IT!! Life is too short to continue doing things that don’t make you happy and aren’t getting you closer to the life you want to live.  MY biggest GOAL is to help MORE people live a life by their own design. Most won’t TAKE ACTION, BUT I am wanting to help the FEW who are willing to take action. I want to teach, mentor & train those who are willing to work for their goals to create a life that IS POSSIBLE! & worth it!! What is POSSIBLE. Why NOT YOU?

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Time Requirement

I was able to build an ONLINE fitness coaching business in 10-15 hours a week. It took me about a year for my PART TIME income as a coach to surpass my FULL TIME INCOME in the Financial Industry. In one year and 9 months I was earning over six figures as a coach. This was all while working full time and only being able to commit to my business with part time hours. Do you have 10 hours a week and a PASSION For helping others?  LEARN MORE

How & When to Quit Your Full Time Job Q&A

My passion is to help others who were once like I was.. WANTING MORE out of life. More TIME freedom to spend with those I love and take more vacations. More FLEXIBILITY to live my life when I want and how I wanted. More FINANCIAL FREEDOM to enjoy skiing, vacations, wake boarding, adventures and not having stress of wondering if I had enough money to pay the bills. People told me for YEARS that wanting to have PASSION and love what I do daily, while having time freedom and financial freedom was NOT POSSIBLE. That you go to work, work for someone else for years with out any passion to get a paycheck and live paycheck to paycheck and that was LIFE- DEAL. I didn’t want to deal. I wanted MORE. I wanted to LOVE what I did every day. I wanted to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I never wanted to have a boss again to tell me when to take vacations and how much vacation I could take. I never wanted a boss to determine my PAY, my worth. I wanted to have it all and I wasn’t going to give up trying. I am so glad I didn’t stop searching because when Coaching fell in to my lap it said YES to everything I had ever dreamed of.





and I was ready to work for it all and make it happen. Now that I have my BIGGEST passion that keeps me up at night is TEACHING Others how to do the same. Mentoring others to live LIFE BY THEIR OWN DESIGN.

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What do I get when I JOIN your TEAM:

  • All of my coach training, tips, tricks and tools that have created a 6. almost 7 figure income in the fitness industry
  • A fitness program for you to use for your own fitness goals
  • 30 meals of my favorite nutrient dense shake
  • 4 business websites to get your business off the ground running from day 1
  • My personal mentorship with one one one phone calls, video chats and group masterminds
  • Access to my secret fb group where you will have access for support & answers to your questions from myself and other LEADERS who I have mentored that are earning 50k, six figures and beyond with coaching.
  •  On going training & mentorship from me to help guide you to reach your fitness & financial goals.

LEARN from someone who has been there and done the work. Learn from a mentor who knows what it takes to earn ALMOST 7 figures in the fitness industry. I have been there, broke and wanting MORE before and I know HOW to help you reach your goals. It is my BIGGEST passion to help others learn & grow in to their goals. To live out their DREAMS that seem so impossible at the moment. To make those dreams a reality. It takes work and I want to work with those who are ready to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. If you have a dream and a desire for more I can help mentor and teach you what it takes to make your dreams your every day life. <3 I promise it is WORTH it. I was terrified when I started as a coach. I was scared of failure. Wondering if it was possible. Yes, it is scary. As long as you are coachable and willing to learn, I can help you push past the FEAR and make your goals your reality.

All of this Sounds expensive right? Starting a new business, websites, 30 meals, mentorship from a 6 figure plus income earner…… I promise its less than a few personal training sessions at your gym or a new pair of designer boots!! In fact I am SOO THANKFUL that it was only $140 for me to start a million dollar business. However, I think this low price point allows people to start who truly aren’t ALL IN with making their goals and dreams happen. I am looking to coach and mentor those who are like me and TIRED of the rat race. Tired of working 8-5 but never really living. Tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Tired of not feeling passion and purpose working for someone else and wondering if this is really all there is to life? That was me and I am looking for those who want more. Those who can see that even though it is only $140 to start their own business working on their own fitness goals and helping others that they will take that $140 investment and turn it in to a full time income, helping others, online with their health and fitness goals.

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To schedule an interview to go through your goals and questions and make sure you are a good fit for the team, go to and schedule a Business Opportunity session. I look forward to learning more about your goals, dreams and creating a plan to make them happen.


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