PaycheckProgressionWhen I first signed up as a Beachbody coach back in 2011, I had that feeling in my gut that I was meant for this. This was the ANSWER to all of my PRIORITIES and living a life by design even though others told me what I wanted wasn’t life, that I just had to DEAL with what was given to me. I didn’t want to DEAL. I didn’t know exactly what network marketing was or how to run a business, HECK I didn’t even know where to begin…. but I had this feeling that this was my calling and PURPOSE and aligned with everything that I wanted in life. heart emoticon

Looking back at how I went about being a coach in my first months, I SUCKED, ROYALLY!!! Lets just say I wasn’t great or even close to being great.
Ever start something new & just totally SUCK the whole way through? That was with me with SWIMMING, running, cycling, yet somehow with TIME and CONSISTENCY I completed an IRONMAN triathlon. That first swim workout in the pool was something to laugh at, that is for sure! It’s tempting to just throw your hands up and quit…but if we quit every time we sucked at something…we would never accomplish anything great. Heck, we wouldn’t be able to learn to WALK, TALK, READ or WRITE. Think about how horrible we start at with those tasks…and it took YEARS to master them.
From my 4 years of experience as a coach… sometimes I think there is a misconception among coaches that you will sign up and MAGICALLY start seeing AMAZING success. If they don’t see that INCREDIBLE success immediately, then they should give up. I have seen amazing people question their decision to join and think, well I didn’t hit the group running so I must not be meant for this.
Building a business can feel HARD, our minds will create DOUBT, FEAR (just like when we are kids learning to swim or read). It can be overwhelming, frustrating and when the NASTY voice of doubt and FEAR rears its ugly head, you begin to believe the doubt…. Am I really cut out for this? Then you have the NAYSAYERS. The doubters, the others who are full of fear for you and push what is possible for them on to you. They can even be your friends, family, those closest to you telling you to quit. I had those people who doubted me.
In case you didn’t know this: I earned $70 my first month as a coach. But, I was SOOO PROUD of that $70. It meant that I was learning what it took to create a LIFE BY MY OWN DESIGN! It would be easy to see why DOUBT starts to creep in. 15 hours a week my first month, 60 hours in that month to earn $70. But, I had to quiet that voice of DOUBT by envisioning my DREAMS, by what I wanted my life in the next few years to look like… by knowing that after 4 years of working for my boss I was still living out his dreams and not my own….by focusing on all the LIVES that I was going to change, by knowing that the experience I was going through would build FINANCIAL FREEDOM doing something that I am so passionate about, helping people change their lives, their health from the inside out.
I had to build a BELIEF and absolute CERTAINTY in my mind that helping others, that designing my own schedule, that working from home with financial freedom and TEACHING others how to live a life by their own design is my DESTINY… That I had no choice but to achieve it.
When you BELIEVE it, your mind sets to work on how to ACHIEVE IT!

CHANGE and chasing your dream is SCARY… So scary that most people who try… end up turning back around and going back to their “comfort zone”
How do YOU become one of those people who reach your dreams?!
How did I go from NEWBIE to a 3x Elite, top earners on the team & living a life by MY design?
Instead of focusing on the many reasons I may NOT succeed… I focused on the one thing I would NOT give up on… my future family. I focused on not having to go back to the 8-5. I focused on knowing that the previous years working for others had me in the same financial rut as I was in when I started working for others.
Having freedom to OWN my life, make my own rules, be home with my family, alleviate the stress of financial burdens…THAT was what kept me going. And I vowed to make this work, even if my FAITH was bigger than my results.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, having a vision, & consistency were the biggest factors in my success.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Personal development “sharpens your ax” and sheer consistency will get the job done.

You might have to swing 10…20…30…100 times but if you stick with it…that tree is eventually coming down!!
YES, following your dreams requires a VISION & a BELIEF. You have to overcome fear, rejection, build confidence, and show consistency. And you have to do these things consistently.
I’m not promising this journey is easy, I’m promising that if you keep your dreams in front of you….if you remind yourself WHY it’s important to see this through…if you think about all of the people you have the potential to help….it will be WORTH IT
Whatever is in your heart — TRUST IT — it’s not there by accident! Know that you are WORTHY, CAPABLE and MEANT for greatness!
Follow your calling, even when you can’t see the whole plan. Over time, EVERYTHING will start to make sense and will see you were on the RIGHT PATH the whole time heart heart emoticon

<<You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.>>
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