Coaching vs. Personal Training vs. College Degree

THIS is another one of those RANTS…… it’s a doozy!

I spent $699 so that I can start studying and take a personal training certification exam and get certified as a trainer…… AthletePhotoShoot2and I spent another $225 for an Insanity Certification…… WHY am I sharing this?

Well I hear all the time that a business start up of $140 is too expensive…. and why would someone pay money to make money? Well for $140, you get a fitness program to try, 30 meals (count them 3-0) of Shakeology (I spend more than $100 on 30 meals anyways), 4 business websites, coach training, a mentor who has taken that $140 start up to over a SIX FIGURE INCOME… an intern program….. and help to guide you towards what needs to be done to get you from point A to YOUR DREAMS that seem so UNATTAINABLE one step at a time…… People are skeptical of this….

But then, pay $699 for a PT CERT program to get a bunch of books to study and take a test with in 6 months to get a Certification….. now I am obviously not putting that down. I just paid the $699 for the program ….. I am doing it because I love to learn more about the body, fitness, helping others, adding more tools to my toolbox so that I am able to benefit and help more people….. but the $699 is paying money to make money as well yet we don’t find that SKEPTICAL!!!! and isn’t that paying money to make money? As you can see the point here is the skepticism that we hold, that we are programmed through our culture that can hold us back from OUR OWN POTENTIAL…

We (not all of us….. and ME INCLUDED) pay over 50-100k to get a DEGREE… go in debt, spend 40+ hours a week studying for the debt that we got ourselves in to…. to finish school with a piece of paper and maybe a job. JOB NOT guaranteed. I graduated with a bachelors degree in finance, student loan debt and a job that started out at 28k a year. I couldn’t AFFORD to pay the loans I had worked so hard to get…… so for 4 years I went in debt, I paid someone else to work for 40 hours a week…. i went in major debt, paid money to make money again (a lot more money was paid to make that 28k my first year and 32k my second)!! Again, I went to college and I am not putting it down…. I probably wouldn’t do it again, but that is okay it is what led me here.

I am sharing this with you to shed some light on what we as a culture are programmed to think. I paid money to work hard through college and no one was skeptical when I did that…. no one was skeptical when I graduated and paid 100k+ in debt for that piece of paper and 4 years of hard work towards school, no one was skeptical when I was earning 28k a year to start and couldn’t afford the debt I had paid to get me the education to get the job….. no one is skeptical when I pay $699 to get a Personal Training Certification….. so then why is is that people are skeptical of $140 to get a fitness program, a workout, a business (YOUR OWN BB FRANCHISE), training, learning, mentor…. learning from someone who has taken the $140 to over six figures in less than 2 years. Then why is it that people doubt that $140??? when it comes in a business form?

There is nothing wrong with college. It’s for some, it’s not for everyone. There is nothing wrong with a personal training certification. It’s for some, it’s not for everyone. There is nothing wrong with a network marketing business that helps others through health and fitness. It’s for some, it’s not for everyone…….. yet there are so many doubters and skeptics who want to speak negatively. Why is it that we are programmed to be skeptical of things we don’t understand? How can we promote more research, more open mindedness….. even if something isn’t for us? Or if we don’t understand and it’s not for us why put that down and speak negatively?

………Off soap box now!

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